Thank you for choosing NanoLux films! To get maximum performance from your NanoLux film, remember the following:

  1. After installation, there may be a 'hazy' look on your windows. Do not worry. As mounting solution is applied on the glass and film during the installation process, a certain level of water moisture will be trapped in between. This moisture will vaporize within a 8 to 10 weeks period (known as the 'curing period'), depending on the humidity.
  2. If you find small 'bubbles' in the middle of the glass, do not worry. The 'bubbles' are due to air pockets and water moisture. They should disappear anytime during the curing period.
  3. If you find 'fingers' emerging from the edge of the film (air pockets arising out of tension release after installation process), please return to the installation center to have the fingers squeegee out.
  4. Clean the window coating only after it is fully 'cured'. The curing process takes about 8 to 10 weeks. This will allow the pressure sensitive adhesive system to properly cure and adhere to the glass.
  5. Do not wind down your sidelites immediately after installation. Keep the sidelites up for at least 2 weeks. In the event that you need to wind down the sidelite for specific purpose eg. Paying parking coupon, wind it down slowly by about 1/3 (do not wind down completely). Try your best to minimize winding the windows for about 2 weeks.
  6. After the curing period, please use liquid dish soap mixed in clean water for cleaning if required. Do not use alcohol or ammonia-based cleaning solutions.
  7. Please use clean water and soft, clean (particle-free) cloth and materials when washing. A squeegee or a dry cloth is recommended for drying. Do not use paper-based like paper towels for drying.
  8. Do not apply stickers or adhesive tape of any kind to the coating. Decals can be used.